More OktagonMind Material

About Intellectual Pursuit:

The goal: To look for quality material in the areas such as Psychology, Neuroscience, Anthropologist, Philosophy. You can expect me to write a bit more about Philosophy in the areas of Ethics, Existentialism, Love, and Relationships. As always I will based myself in evidence, renown theories, and/or authors as best as possible and offer my reaction at the end.

About Rational Archive:

The channel’s purpose is to inform and to expand a rational world view. There will be material not only of intellectual character but also on disciplines that can help in our daily lives.

- the videos I have comment on my blog
- videos with rational arguments in favor of science and knowledge
- talks from experts about interesting facts and important findings
- a few other playlists with entertaining or inspiring content


A twitter account with links to all other accounts and a diversity of tweets relating to science and rational thought.